Euro Series

Inspired by the latest in European trends and fashion, Euro Series is a frameless cabinetry line that brings a sleek and contemporary look to your home.

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Terracotta and Lignite Kitchen
Euro Series Nero

European Inspired

Keeping with the latest in European trends and fashion, Euro Series is clean, contemporary, and beautiful.

Fashionably Modern

Euro Series is very modern. Inspired by the latest trends in the industry, this cabinetry line is sure to give your home the clean and modern look you desire. This cabinetry line comes in a variety of colors and premium finishes and utilizes the latest in technology to ensure a beautiful yet durable cabinet that is sure to inspire.

Features Supermatte

Supermatte is a lacquer infused melamine product that is extremely durable, yet elegant. The high tech finish is achieved by several layers of lacquer, followed by an extensive sanding and curing process. It is a highly innovative product designed to be beautiful yet able to withstand to the demands of every day life. Some of its unique properties include anti-fingerprint, auto-regenerative, impact resistance and silky smooth texture. We offer this product in 13 beautiful finishes.

Supermatte color circles

Supermatte Features


Anti Fingerprint

Resists showing fingerprints, keeping your cabinetry looking good as new.


Auto Regeneration

Thermal healing of superficial microscratches. Minor scratches can be repaired with a damp cloth and an iron.

Silky Touch

Silky Touch

Silky matte surface, confers warmth. Pleasant and comfortable to the touch.

Deep Matte

Deep Matte

Supermatte products feature low light reflectivity and an extreme matte surface. Incredibly sleek and elegant.

Impact Resistant

Impact Resistance

Durable and resistant to impacts, helping to keep your cabinetry doors protected for years to come.

Scratch Resistant

Scratch Resistance

Supermatte products are made of a very durable material that is resistant to minor scratches.


Shaker Style

Alpine White

High Gloss

Blanco Gloss


Bianco Zen
Smoked Wood

Discontinued Finishes

Cristallo (Gloss Thermofoil)

Cristallo White

Modena/Tuscan (Matte & Textured Melamine)

Modena Cashmere
Tuscan Concrete
Tuscan Elm Wood
Tuscan Espresso
Tuscan Smoke
Tuscan Walnut

Cabinet Specs

Take a closer look at Euro Series by reviewing the specs. Click on the headings to expand the category and learn more.

1 Frameless Construction
Cabinetry is frameless construction, using premium engineered wood, and fully encased with edge banding. Supermatte and Crystal door styles feature door color-matched edge banding on front of case.
2 Back & Side Panels
Sides and back panels are 3/4” thick white melamine.
3 Shelving
Shelves are full depth, 3/4" thick, adjustable and edge banded. Included shelf clips are metal.
4 Aluminum Front Rail on Sink Bases
Front rail of sink base cabinet is water resistant aluminum. Front rail of standard base cabinet is melamine.
5 Drawer Boxes
Drawer boxes are Hafele MX, full extension and soft closing. Sides are metal. Bottom panel is 5/8” thick.
6 Doors
Doors are 3/4” slab or 5 piece shaker with 1/16” reveal. Hinges are European style and soft closing. 6 way adjustable.
7 Toe Kick
Toe Kick material is plastic with a brushed aluminum front panel. It features a soft rubber gasket for proper seal to the floor. Door color matched, MDF toe kick is also available in most styles.
8 Drawer Fronts
Drawer front reveals are 1/16” and are designed to align perfectly with adjacent drawers and doors, providing for a clean and symmetrical look. Small drawer fronts measure 7-3/8" H. Large drawer fronts measure 14-7/8" H.
9 Overlay Panels
Overlay panels are needed on end of runs and come out to be flush with the door and drawer front.
10 Optional Roll Trays
Optional roll trays feature same system as drawer box, but with a metal front rail.
Euro Series Cabinet Specification
Alpine White

Alpine White

With a similar shade of white as our Harbour Series Desoto White door, Alpine White gives you the same timeless classic of a shaker door, but with a more modern approach. This popular door styles is paired with our Euro box and enhanced with smaller reveals, wider drawers and more interior space than its Harbour Series counterpart.

Blanco Gloss

Bring the sleek elegance from modern-day Europe into your home with Blanco Gloss. This luxurious high gloss door will help to create a fresh look that is the perfect combination of elegance and sophistication.

Blanco Gloss Kitchen


With color inspired from the sands of the Mediterranean, and a name that emanates luxury, Nuvola is a modern door with creamy soft tones and a subtle hint of grey. Transform your home into a European-inspired oasis with this elegant door style and welcome a sense of tranquility to your everyday life.

Artico & Lignite

With dark shades of grey and subtle hints of brown, Lignite is a versatile door that is sure to grab your attention. It looks exceptional in a variety of settings. Pair it with dark stainless steel for a truly sleek and industrial look, or mix it with some lighter shades, such as Artico, to create a two-tone, modern and minimalist space.

Artico and Lignite


Urban and sleek, Cemento is a unique door style that is inspired from an everyday material, which is often overlooked. Designed to look like concrete, this super-matte door instantly grabs your attention with familiarity, yet is fresh and modern and sure to please even the most contemporary of tastes.

Emerald & Smoked Wood

Looking for a truly unique look? Try pairing the earthy Smoked Wood door with the bold Emerald for a splash of color. The Smoked Wood door creates a warm and inviting environemt, while the Emerald door provides just enough splash of color to make a bold statement without going over the top. Both of these options are part of our Supermatte collection and feature anti-fingerprint, impact resistant, and super-matte technology.

Emerald and Smoked Wood


Sleek and modern, Nero is a super-matte, black door that is exceptionally beautiful. Make a bold statement with this door. Shown here paired with Smoked Wood, Nero looks equally great on its own or paired with one of our many other door styles. The anti-fingerprint technology on this door helps keep fingerprints in check so that you can keep your doors looking as beautiful and streak free for years to come.

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