Organizational Accessories and How They Can Improve Your Space

At HDI Cabinetry, we provide you with many options to optimize and customize your kitchen space. Traditionally, the options for how to best utilize space were limited. You had a choice between a full height door cabinet with shelves, or a drawer and door combination. Today, there are many more ways to take better advantage of cabinetry space and to increase the functionality of your space.

This post highlights just a few of the organizational accessories we offer to our customers.

Rollout Trays

Rollouts are shelf like mini-drawers that can be installed in any door cabinet and adjusted up or down to provide a customized space to fit your specific needs. Our rollout shelves create greater space, flexibility and convenience. Just like smaller items work better in a drawer compared to open door cabinet shelf space, some kitchen utensils and accessories fit better on a more fully exposed rollout tray.

Door and Filler Pullouts

The pullout spice drawers and handy utensil shelving that were once offered only by custom cabinet makers are available on our affordable HDI Cabinetry lines. These are extra space savers that can fill a 3″ to 9″ opening in your kitchen while providing precious space for those hard to fit items. Use pull outs to make the most of narrow spaces to organize your baking trays, cutting boards, spices, or simply provide additional pull out shelving for kitchen utensils.

Trash Can Pullouts

Trash can pull-outs are a favorite that will further organize kitchen space, hide unsightly trash cans while creating convenient access for waste disposal. These pullouts work to achieve all of these plus provide a reliable deterrent to pet access. Trash can pull outs are available for single or double trash can containment.

Spice Drawer Inserts

As mentioned above, you can plan to store spices in a pull out tray mounted in a door box; alternatively, you can use our spice drawer inserts.

Utensil, Silverware and Cutlery Drawer Inserts

Specialized drawer inserts are available to further organize your kitchen utensils, silverware or cutlery.